Herald 1200

The one that started the obsession: Family owned for a very long time.  Came to me in 1986 in shockingly rusty condition.


I bodged it up and used it as my first car.  It had a very hard life as student transport and then suffered more from a continuous improvement program – all intended to make it go faster. Eventually it ended up with a tuned 1500, overdrive, 3.89 diff and Vitesse brakes, making it quite a rapid little car.


During this time it was used as support vehicle for friends competing in speed hillclimbs and became know as ‘The Flying Toolbox’, partly as a result of being loaded with tools but mostly because the tired bodywork rattled horribly!


It was properly restored in 1990, then painted again soon after as the result as a small mishap.


Actually still quite a good car but suffering from lack of use.